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Industrial Filtration Selection Guide

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Strainers—provide coarser filtration for removing dirt, debris, and particulates from your pipeline. They provide a great first stage filtration before utilizing finer filtration elements. For liquid filtration application only.

Liquid Cartridges—our diverse selection of double open end cartridges include autoclavable, bacteria inhibiting, resin-bonded, spun polypropylene, and pleated cartridge designs.


Housings and Filters—available with wide temperature and pressure ratings with flow rates up to 20 GPM. Transparent housings are available for visual monitoring of filter element.

Cartridge Filters—achieve flow rates up to 100 GPM and filter areas of ten times more than a standard 10" cartridge. All-plastic designs eliminate the possibility of rusting and corroding over time.

Bag Filters—excellent for both small and large applications. Maximum flowrate is 100 GPM with pore sizes ranging from 0.20 to 100 µm.

Ultrapure—whether you need Class 1 air for highly sensitive and critical applications or just basic filtration for pneumatic machinery, our compressed air purification systems are the optimum choice. These high end systems are available for both liquid and compressed air filtration.

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