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Polyethersulfone (PES)

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Màng PES (Polyethersulfone): là lo?i màng ?a n??c ???c c?u t?o t? v?t li?u PES polymer. V?i c?u trúc l? l?c ??i x?ng, cho phép l?u gi? nhi?u các h?t, t?c ?? l?c cao h?n các lo?i v?t li?u khác, ??ng th?i có ??c tính k?t g?n Protein và ho?t ch?t d??c th?p.

Dùng phù h?p trong các ?ng d?ng lo?i b? c?n, và các ?ng d?ng sinh h?c.

+ ?ng d?ng:

L?c n??c, các hóa ch?t ??c bi?t và l?c d?ch ? nhi?t ?? cao

+ ??c tính k? thu?t:




Non Sterile. Gamma Irradiation, Ethylene Oxide(EtO), Autoclaving or Live Steam are available.



Endotoxin levels


<0.25 Eu/ml utilizing 400cm2/400 ml S.W.F.I per Limulus Amoebocyte Lysate(LAL) test





120- 150 ?m



Typical Weight


3.0 mg/cm2







BSA Protein Binding


<20 ?g/cm2


Maximum Operating Temperature





Sealing Compatibility


Ultrasonic, Heat, Radio Frequency and Insert Molding



Pore Size Range


0.1         to 5.0 ?m


MS® PES membrane is a highly micro porous membrane composed of modified polyethersulfone that is a tough, durable, and temperature resistant aromatic polymer. It is designed to remove particulates during general filtration, and its low protein and drug binding characteristics make it ideally suited for use in life science applications.
The membrane provides high flow rate, low extractables, and greater mechanical strength than competitive membranes. It efficiently removes particulates from solutions during general filtration. Additionally, its low protein and drug binding characteristics maximize recovery of critical drugs used in I.V. therapy,

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